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We are MAFA Short Film. MAFA short film ltd is the one and only tv channel in the world that is dedicated to specifically short films. The aim of this was to shine more light on the world of films that teach us a lot in a small amount of time. As well as this, we are the only tv company to broadcast seasonal films and choose 10 of the best films to come forward to win prizes. You as a business will then have the opportunity to work alongside us and promote your business and it’s products and services. We, as a tv channel with thousands of viewers across the world have the power to introduce your business to our viewers and in the process you will gain recognition. As well as promotion on our tv channel we also advertise your business on our website and application in order to reach more viewers. This will allow you to create an even bigger target audience. It may also be useful to mention our target audience of a very wide range from the young years of 13 to wise years of 35. Knowing this would help to understand who your business will reach through us. Our companies, through working together will allow also for more talent to be shared across the world in support of the amazing directors and filmmakers we come to work with everyday. We believe that working alongside us will help you to become bigger and better as well as benefitting us to carry on with our services more efficiently and with higher quality. It may be useful to mention that MAFA short film has offices across the world including England, France, USA, Canada and Dubai. This allows us to reach more customers and improves our customer services to you and our viewers. As a media company we try to allow people from every background and creative mind to feel welcomed and appreciated and we would like to give you the same kind of impression. For any enquiries or further information please do not hesitate to contact us via email: We hope this email reaches you well and hope to work with you in the nearest future. Thank you. Advertising team at MAFA short film