Videoscream International Film Festival
Event :October 25 – 31, 2019Date News :26/02/2019

Hi, everyone! We are having a new website designed for the new year, and it will be live by March 1st, including list of last session's winners and new information, discount codes, and ways to follow us and stay up to date on all the developments - we're moving to a new, larger theater for 2019! Welcome to the Videoscream Film Festival, where we connect filmmakers with fans, potential distributors, website and reviewers who will help bring recognition to the rising stars of the filmmaking world. We offer live theater screenings and several awards in a variety of categories to help recognize filmmakers in all genres from around the globe. Our team consists of producers, writers and distributors whose work can be found on Netflix, in Redbox, on itunes, Amazon and in outlets around the world. Awards are given out on a quarterly basis, with select winners from the quarterly submissions playing in a theater in front of a live audience in our special Halloween show! With awards available in 6 different categories, honoring filmmakers and their efforts, you have an even better chance of picking up a win and launching your festival run. We have categories and awards for micro-shorts, shorts, features, web series, fan films and documentaries. We want to help you! Our team of judges have worked with Netflix, Redbox, Amazon, itunes, and many other outlets, and all started as indie filmmakers, actors, producers, or directors, who worked their way up through the system -we know and respect filmmakers and their struggles, budget or no budget, because we were there ourselves, and we created this festival to acknowledge and reward filmmakers in our favorite genres. Every quarter we will choose nominees and winners for our festival, moving fast and giving each nominee, and each winner, an opportunity to showcase their film's trailer or promotional videos on our sister youtube channel, helping to generate even more interest in your film project. Select winners will be screened at a special Videoscream Film Festival at a theater in Portland, OR. At this time, we are only accepting online submissions. *We connect submitted films with a distributor. Any deals or agreements worked out are between distributor and filmmaker. Videoscream simply serves as a connection point and is in no way responsible for any offers, terms or conditions worked out between the two parties.

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