MAFA short film festival 2019
Event :25/05/2019Date News :17/02/2019

MAFA SHORT FILM is the global home of short movies. We have the world’s largest catalogue of high quality short movies available on TV, online and in webs, and also produce original short film content for broadcaster and brands . Our teams obtain only professionally produced live action, animation and documentary short movies from the world’s most famous film festivals and independent suppliers. we offer professional short filmmakers an unparalleled commercial medium to develop their careers, and viewers an opportunity to see the best short movies from around the world – on TV, online and in website On TV, our channel is the world’s first and only 24/7 HD channel dedicated to short movies. Available across the middle east and Europe and US, MAFA short film brings short stories to life in stunning high definition and covers the latest events in the short film industry. In website, we produce and distribute the annual Oscar Nominated Short Films theatrical release, bringing the world’s top awarded short movies to the big screen. And on top of all that, we produce original short film content through our production division, MAFA production . Whether it’s for our own TV channel, or other broadcasters and brands, we use our unique expertise in short film to produce high quality short form content that entertains, educates and inspires.

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