The lookus

by : Spartak lagkuev


Ganre: Horror

Duration: 05:13

Availability: world wide

Date made: 2018

In the night silence, when the city is plunged into a dream, to a young guy, the protagonist of the mystical horror film Locus, comes a dream in which he clearly sees the image of a terrifying species of creatures. The dream repeated night after night, not giving the young man the peace and causing him to constantly look around, even in the walls of your own home. The next morning, awakened from a heavy slumber, the young man tries to recreate his disturbing image through pencil and paper. In the end, the picture appears a strange silhouette in a blue robe and with a frightening face, more like a faceless mask with black empty eyes, from the mere sight of which the blood run cold and your heart freezes in terror. According to ancient legends, this entity, which is to its victims in a dream, trying to drag them into his frightening, terrible and mystical world to experience the strength of the spirit, is called Locus. No one knows where to wait for the danger of meeting with a mysterious creature, because the door leading to a parallelRead More

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